Orlando and Clermont, Florida
It can be a difficult decision to begin therapy, but once you have made the decision;
you have begun the process of change. Although therapy is an investment of time,
energy and recourses, the rewards can be great.
Lessen your experience of anxiety and depression
Improve your communication with others
Learn new coping skills and stress management
Better understand why you make the choices you do
Learn about obesity, weight loss, and how to achieve a healthy diet and lifestyle
Improve your relationships
Decrease symptoms associated with anorexia, bulimia, or compulsive eating
Learn anger management
Learn about surviving child abuse or domestic violence
Manage symptoms associated with panic attacks
Help your teenagers move on to college and increase their indepenence.
Dr. Pamela Mark                                                              
Licensed Psychologist


Day Building
605 E. Robinson
Street, Suite 103
Orlando, FL


3115 Citrus
Tower Blvd.,
Suite A
Clermont, FL

.407- 697-7173.
or .954-732-1133.
Adult and Adolescent Psychologist & Family Therapist

Dr. Pamela Mark is a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in the
treatment of eating disorders, trauma, cutting, men's issues and family therapy.
Depression, anxiety, and compulsive behaviors are common symptoms that Dr.
Mark's patients have struggled with; through the exploration of their feelings,
thoughts, and behaviors many patients experience personal growth and
symptom relief. She often works as part of a multi-disciplinary team, working in
conjunction with nutritionists, teachers, physicians, psychiatrists, and other
healthcare providers to insure comprehensive care.  Dr. Mark works well with
gay, lesbian and transgendered populations.